Washer & Dryer Replacement

Who knew installing a new washer and dryer could be so fun?!?!  To fit the new high efficiency (HE) GE units in our basement, we had to remove a section of the stone foundation.  We removed the stone in sections, each time we removed some material we would try to fit the unit down the steps.  3 hours later, the section removed in the photos allowed us to drop the washer and dryer down just low enough to clear the double header joist and angle it out.   In the end, the section is about 3 feet long, 1.5 feet high and about 9 inches deep.   Some white spray paint to touch up the sheet metal and the appliances work great!   Don’t ask me how the original washer and dryer were installed… probably when the house was built since I had to cut them up to remove them.

IMG_1089 IMG_1094IMG_1093IMG_1091

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