A Working Basement Office / Storage Area

I thought I would share a few pictures of my basement and the incredible amount of tools, materials, office materials, laundry, and storage items that we have to keep organized and rotate them in and out.  Basically I use this space for my desk and computer area as well as storage and holding area for materials and many of my tools.  Take a look.

This first photo is from the rear wall looking towards the front of the house, with the stairs to the 1st floor on your left.   The shelves on your left in the foreground contain misc bottles of wine, laundry materials, cleaning supplies and some hardware.  The wood lying next to the shelves in a stack is the cherry stained 3/4″ thick Hickory @ 4″ wide.  This is the same flooring on the 2nd floor and will be used in the living room and hallway.  on the right side of the photo (still foreground) you will see our Vita-mix (which makes many of our breakfast meals since we don’t have a kitchen yet), a cooler and some storage racks.  In the background you will see another set of shelves used to hold most of my screws, nails and heavy duty bolts/nuts.

looking to front of house

In this photo, you are looking at the left side of the house from the base of the steps.   Here is our luggage, bike, toolbox, and tool shevling area.

looking to left side of house

Lastly, you can see the computer / desk area, the washer (dryer to the left), and laundry basin.

looking to rear of house

There really is not much room to walk around down there but we make it work!

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