Kitchen Cabinets Staging

So… I had to travel to Sheboygan Wisconsin this week for work and therefore did not have much time during the week to make progress.  However, Angela being industrious as she is, sealed all the grout we had installed over the past weekend.   She used a small painter’s brush and Aqua Mix’s “Sealer’s Choice Gold” (the same used on the tile in bathroom shower).   It has a couple days to cure and this allowed me to start staging the bottom cabinets for install.  The side benefit of staging the cabinets is that it freed up all kinds of living room space that I can now use to cut cabinets and create shims.

We were initially concerned with using light tile and dark (charcoal) grout against the gray cabinets and mint walls; however, with the black / SS appliances placed as well as the future dark countertops, we really dig the look.  It is starting to look like a real kitchen!

Next step is to shim and mount all the cabinets.  Next post should have them installed!   Also waiting on delivery of our window and door red oak casing from Baird Brothers Sawmill.






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