Kitchen Cabinet Base Installation

After the Tile and Grout had time to cure and setup, Angela painted the jamb extensions and new windows.  I followed up by casing the left window (the back window will be trimmed out once the counters are installed).  We also installed the pendant light through the back window jamb extension.  this sits in the window frame and is controlled via a light switch above the counter (to the left of our position).  Right now it has a vintage bulb and will be just above the sink to the right.  Lighting photos to follow once counters are installed and under cab lights are hard-wired.  Angela took most of these photos and post job, I forgot to snap many more… so we have a short blog post.


Maybe 25% of the tools laying around the house for this part of the job.  And, the all important pumpkin spice candle to set the fall mood.  And to add some heat…


The pseudo finished product.

DSCN3100 DSCN3102

Look who it is… Leo amongst the tools so we have no choice but to pay attention to him!


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