Before, During, and After Pics – Kitchen

The photos below represent but one room in the house.  If nothing else, this brief timeline should give some feeling to the scope of work undertook on this house 3 years ago.  The amount of patience, mental and physical toughness, and sacrifice learned or experienced through this process has been immense and invaluable.  Along the way I have learned a lot about building and how to spend a lot of time and money, haha!  Perhaps the best part has been spending the time with my wife, family, friends and dog through it all and having a good time (mostly) doing it!  Enjoy.

Original Purchase Condition, December 2009 – from KITCHEN door looking in)


Original Purchase Condition, December 2009 – from FRONT door looking in to kitchen)


During Demolition, October 2011 – Floor Still intact but walls and ceiling torn out)


During Demolition, February 2012 – Everything pulled out of the kitchen and being used as temporary Storage)


Shoring up 2nd Floor Joists, March 2012 – using jack posts to temporarily support the second floor – notice joists ends are free.  Installing new plywood subfloor while keeping 2nd story supported was interesting!)


Shoring up 2nd Floor Joists, March 2012 – looking from FRONT door into kitchen.  large joists sitting beside steps to be used to build up girder)


Girder Installation, May 2012 – each beam is x3 2×12 laminated together and nailed per recommended schedule.   Each post is 4×6 and they are supported below by the foundation wall or new post and footings.  Each beam and post is secured using hurricane ties and hex head bolts and nuts.   The posts, ties and hardware are pressure treated and galvanized)


Rebuilding the Exterior Support Wall, June 2012 – Removed much of the old brick and mortar and rebuilt the wood lintels with 3/8″ steel I-beams on the interior Wye and 1/4″ angle iron for the exterior lintels. The joists will sit directly on the beam with a thermal barrier between.  The window and door openings were sized to fit a new Pella fiberglass door and aluminum – wood window.  Many of the bricks replaced were from a scrap yard (Minnifield Construction).


Framing Progression, September 2012 – Back wall is 2×6 with 1.5 inch offset from brick.


Framing Progression, May 2013 – Left wall is 2×4 framing with 1.5 inch offset from brick wall.  Closed cell Sprayfoam at 1-2 inch thickness provides vapor barrier, air sealing, and structural rigidity to framing.


Drywall Preparation, August 2013 – Wall framing completed, wiring installation completed.  Installing strapping to ceiling for drywall to eliminate low spots and provide level mounting surface.


Drywall Installation, August 2013 – 5/8″ Drywall all around.  Just needs some finishing work!


Cabinetry / Tile, December 2013 – More or less where we are as of today.  Trimming out and Countertops are all that’s left to do here!


6 responses to “Before, During, and After Pics – Kitchen

    • We were not sure how it was going to look prior to going in, but it turned out pretty good. We started by looking for colors we wanted and this one happened to be one of sizes offered. The other was a huge 18×18 tile. I wanted to make the kitchen look wider since your eye follows the longer side of the tile and it ended up working. The other benefit is improved “flatness” of the floor. Since I had to install many of the joists in place and on a less than level foundation, the combination of sub-floor, mortar, cerement board, mortar and large tile buildup created a virtually perfectly flat floor.


  1. Sam,
    Very impressive progress. I remember seeing some of those “before ” conditions first hand. The “after” is looking good. Congratulations on your new bride too. Hope all is well with you at work.
    You two take good care of each other.


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