Repurposing Old Lumber into Sawhorses

While doing the demo on the house, I salvaged some of the original framing members (not counting the floor joists).   Some of the members I reused in framing out the walls while others I saved for potential small projects.   The boards in the photos below were of one 8′ oak section that was cut into two 4′ pieces.  I decided to make two sawhorses out of the board so that we can stop working on the floor, which will make my dad extremely happy!

The larger 2×10 joists below were going to be used for a mantel project (i salvaged some others that i am going to use later) but they are too cracked, knotty, and full of holes to use.   So… I am cutting them up and they will be used for firewood.

I used the Target Precision Folding Sawhorse (found at Amazon here: legs to build the horses.  These legs are often used by those in target practice due to their stability and overall “tight” craftsman ship.  They are also extremely strong (load wise).  I like them because they are blue and because they fold up cleanly and have positive engagement when the legs are extended, so there is no movement of the legs relative to the boards when assembled.

Board Preparation.  I used the following tools for assembly:  miter saw, power drill, socket set, open-end wrench, drill bits, square, measuring tape, pencil.


Each piece of the oak lumber is exactly 4″ wide x 2″ thick.  Not bad compared to today’s boards at 3.5″ wide x 1.5″ thick.  That is how you know the lumber is from an old house or someone had their own mill which is unlikely unless it is on a farm.  Check out the end-grain.  Yes, the cross-cut is sloppy…


Pilot hoes for the hex head wood lag screws prevents splitting and installation is faster.


Mounted leg bracket.


The Leg attached to the mounting bracket via a hex head screw, washer and nut.  The leg is “snapped” into place in this photo.


1/2″ hole drilled on either end of the horse to allow for hanging on a wall.


Finished product.  Not bad.


All setup and ready to cut some firewood!


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