Quartz Countertop & Dishwasher Installation

Although even having a kitchen to use was a big step for Ange and I, using a plywood surface was becoming annoying to keep clean and dry.   So, we were really looking forward to having our new Quartz counter-tops installed.  The installers came to the hosue about 6 weeks prior to the actual install to take measurements.   The photo below is in preparation for their measurements.


After they had the dimensions they needed it was time for me finish the setup work;  this required installing the dishwasher and sink plumbing.   The first task was the dishwasher plumbing.  Here you can see the dishwasher side of the sink base cabinet (left wall) pass throughs for the power, hot water supply and drain line.


One the opposite face of the cab wall you see the hot water connection and drain line.


After the hook-ups were completed we slid the dishwasher into place.   Installed the brackets for side-mounting and then ensured the unit was level in all three planes.  Ready for some Countertops!  Finally…


And here we go…  Only one seam here which can be barely be seen.    See last pic.  The counterops were adhered to the base using construction adhesive and the corners that meet the outside of the cabs are caulked with silicone.  I did not do the installation which made Angela happy because it was completed fairly quickly… haha!


The sink was supposed to have been an undermount flush with the sides… they manufactured improperly but I was not in the mood to wait for a replacement.  It doesnt look too bad.  Lip of the sink was caulked with silicone to seal the counterop interface.


Final look at the plumbing.  PA building code requires the use of an air-gap or Air-inlet valve.  I went air-inlet valve route to keep the countertop surface clean.  I hate plumbing work.


And lastly a close-up of the seam… not bad.  Not bad at all!   Needless to say we are pretty excited to have a real cooking surface to use after 2 years without one.


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