Staining The Stairs

The steps were stained with one coat of water based Traditional Cherry Stain from Baird Brothers.   We put the coat on evenly and rather thick, let it sit up for about 10 mins then wiped off the excess with a rag.  It turned out pretty well though in hindsight we would have sanded the stringers a bit more because some areas were a bit rough and took more stain (darker).

Our next step is minimum two coats of oil based polyurethane with sanding between coats.


Threads are Hickory which is the same as the hardwood flooring upstairs and down (not yet installed).  Risers and stringers are Popular.


Post staining and waiting for it to dry.  The steps were stained with with my dad and Liz’s help.  Thanks guys.


Close up of the same bottom treads from above.  Fairly stark contrast from before.


Close up of the tread cap and molding.


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