A Lounging Leonidas… often on lumber or other objects

While we were framing the last wall in the house (front living room wall), Leo decided to take advantage of his surroundings and use the lumber for a nice comfortable hard, square pillow.   This is not an uncommon occurrence.


Evident by… two days later while relaxing outside PNC park, he utilized yet another very comfortable place to put his head.  My calf and the nice cold hard iron chair leg.


Oh what’s this?  A nice rubber tire full of air?  I think this is perfect for awkwardly propping my head up so I can stare around the room while resting the remainder of my body.


And here we have Leo enjoying the luxurious leg of an Ikea Chair.   Awesome pup.


Why use the my bed when I have this nice smelling plywood floor for my head?


I don’t even know what is going on here.


But when Bella is in the house and her bed accompanies, he takes full advantage of it’s luxurious stuffing and microfiber covering.


And then there are the times where he wants nothing more than to put his head on our laps…  And no amount of uncomfortable blankets or softness can keep him from doing so!


At almost 6 years old, he has more personality then a good many people I have met over the years.  Gotta love him!

3 responses to “A Lounging Leonidas… often on lumber or other objects

    • Who else gets hyper excited to see you when you go outside for 2 minutes and return? Only a dog… or a person waiting for you to bring them in a present.


  1. Great photos of Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thanks.  MOM  xoxoxox

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