Cabinet Molding & Door Jamb Extensions

First Jamb Extensions…

Due to the door frame being between 1/8 and 1/4 inch from the kitchen door pre-hung frame, I needed to notch the jamb extensions to clear the door hinges.  The closeness of the door to the frame is due to the brick opening which I did not widen – too much work.   So I was stuck with a custom door and a tight install.


Tools of the trade:  very sharp hand wood chisels and their resultant shavings.


I am no pro but the cuts are pretty clean and close to the door hinge.



The final product.  In hindsight, I should have primed and painted the extensions before hanging the oak casings but I was being impatient and really wanted to stop looking at a door that was ugly.  Plus Angela was the one who was going to paint it!  She was a bit annoyed once she saw the task of cutting in the paint.


During the same week I installed the kitchen crown molding and under-cabinet trim.   The process of cutting and installing the trim reinforced the need to ensure the need to install the cabinets flush and level with each adjoining section.   Even small discrepancies of 1/16″ of an inch caused noticeable gaps (at least to me) that required some sanding of the trim base molding.   Making sure miter cuts on the crown were tight was the cause of much frustration but I got the hang of it.  “You going to learn today boy!”

The base mold was fastened with 16 gauge brads; the under cabinet and crown used wood glue and a combo of pin and brad nails.


All that is left is to patch the nail holes with putty.  Not bad.


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