LR Drywall Completion – Finally done breathing Gypsum

After finishing up the last of the framing, wiring and spray foam we are finally ready for unfaced fiberglass insulation and drywall.    As you can see, we have the most important things at the ready in our construction zone:  a nice decorative wreath, an Ikea Poang chair and two sweet bikes.  The helmets are for decoration only…


Finally a shot of me actually doing work!   This is likely because nobody else in my family would dare touch the pink stuff for fear of being itchy.  The absolute worst thing to happen to you while doing construction work beside that of getting paint in your hair.  What travesties!


Post fiberglass, we were able to cut the 5/8″ drywall boards and hang them.  I worked from the base up because both the floor and ceiling were not level and I knew I needed 2+ sheets to cover the height.  Plus, it is much easier to rest the next sheet on the piece below versus holding it up.  Best practice for hanging drywall typically starts from the top down.


That crazy look is because I am manic to be so close to having finished walls!


Angela and Mom worked in the kitchen to make us dinner while we worked!  I don’t remember what we ate but anything cooked in lifetime (yeah a plug) and by the my family is going to be delicious.


Family time is hanging drywall time.



Safety is not standing on the top rung, but sitting on it.  Also, using ones head to hold the board in place while getting the first few screws set is not best practice… buy or rent a lift.  We have one but I was tired of having large pieces of equipment taking up space in the living room… so it was sitting in my dad’s garage. We finished the job injury free.


Drywall finishing pics to follow shortly.   A special thanks to Angela for being my professional photographer!


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