about sam & angela onuska

A little blurb about who we are and those that help us along the way.  And, if you are looking for a fun and informative blog about living life, travel, and some interior design ideas then Angels’ blog our folie will not disappoint!

Angela is an ICU RN (BSN) Nurse who also happens to be a great DIY’er and decorator.  Most of our home’s color pallete was chosen by her.  She has also picked out much of our furniture and some of the permanent fixtures (sink, bookcases, etc). She has a small obsession with New Orleans.   And perhaps animals, history, and Star Wars (yes star wars).

I (Sam) am a Senior Mechanical Engineer (BS in Mech. Engineering from Pitt) working at Emerson Process Management on power plant turbine retrofits..  I grew up doing every aspect of construction as a volunteer, summer jobs, and working on family projects.  I love old masonry buildings; cleanly laid out interiors and building footprints; and anything related energy efficient design (passive or active).  Although not an architect, I do many design and layouts for my friends.  I also dabble in personal training.



Angela loving the itchy feeling of fiberglass while getting installing insulation batts in the bathroom.


Here is the pup, Leonidas (Leo), who is a Shelter Rescue Black Lab / Pit.  He is our best friend.   Leo also appears to be the best friend of all our family members and neighbors. Here he is doing what he does, best retrieving anything and everything in the water.

Leo 1

There is Sam’s father who has spent countless hours helping with the house, being the voice of reason, and perfecting his spoiling of Leo!  The first pic about sums my dad.


Sam’s Mom (Karen) is always willing to clean up (vacuuming, wiping up dust, doing dishes, etc) the house and always brings tasty and healthy food to the house during work days.   She does the work that no one else wants to, and she does it well!


Liz (she is the one in the pink, haha) is constantly wanting to help on the house.  I think mostly so she can impress people she meets with her “skills” and knowledge of construction work1   She works hard, does good work, and is always looking for a chance to take a break to go pet Leo.


Me and Liz at Zac Brown.


Sam’s big little brother Joe lives in Port St. Lucie Florida.  Whenever he comes home, he is immediately put to work swinging  heavy tools (sledge, mattock, axe) ,lifting heavy things (house debris, moving drywall, etc), or even directing us on what we should be doing!  He is missed.


Mr and Mrs Cappa…

Some Our friends (others have not allowed photographs to be taken of them without me compensating them… )

Matt Grillo hating his life installing unfaced insulation (everyone had the option of wearing masks here!)


John Dileo and Rob Bilger installing drywall and routing electrical boxes.


Adam Redling, our measurement specialist!


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